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Art that gives constant satisfaction is the ultimate of investments.

People naturally attach an hourly rate to what a piece of art should cost. It takes years of serious study and application to develop both the ability to accurately conceive the final result of a concept, and to accomplish the skill necessary to create a work of art. That investment in time and dedication by all artists is reflected in the value they place on their creations.
The intrinsic value of the timbers Leigh uses, the demand and the availability of his works and his personal assessment of the success of a particular work all influence the final price. At present, the actual time it takes to complete his sculptures varies from 20 hours for a small (100mm to 300mm ) simple sculpture to well over 1000 hours for one of his major works.

Purchasing the art works
We are dealing with images rendered on an internet browser so, to avoid disappointment, ask for more photographs from different angles or a video tape of major works to be posted to you (a small fee is charged). On occasion a customer may be dissatisfied so we ship on approval. You have the opportunity to see the actual piece of art (sculpture or painting ) to touch it, experience it, and see how it enhances your being.
If you decide it is not for you, notify me and ship it back. You have 4 weeks from the date of shipment to decide. Twenty percent of your original payment will be deducted and then all insurance and shipping costs deducted from the balance in calculating your refund.
No works will be crated or sent until full payment is made. The full payment must be received and cleared and includes the cost of the sculpture or art work, crating, forwarding and insurance costs. is . If you decide to return it, just repack it in the same crate or carton and prepay the full insurance value and freight. There will be an immediate refund upon receipt if the art arrives in the same condition it left my studio.

Trade discounts to dealers, architects and designers! write to Leigh Morgan PO Box 22 Thora 2454 NSW Australia. You must have a trading name and company number. Galleries are invited to take advantage of trade discounts or to pursue a consignment arrangement.