The Painting Gallery of sculptor Leigh Morgan.

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This a rather random selection of my paintings, all are from the 1980's. The portraits are from sketches and photographs or from live modeling sessions. The landscapes were all executed at the view point of the scene. The abstracts etc were painted in my studio at Thora. Almost all these paintings have been sold, but if you are interested in one or would like to commission a painting (or a sculpture) then please send me an Email.

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Gloria 1986

Gloria 1981

Our Great Aunt visiting

Great Aunt 1982

Desely Haas 1982

Desley Haas 1984

Dorrigo Morning

From the plateau 1986

Light and dark

To the Light? 1983

Paired Pear 1984

Paired Pear 1984

McGraths Hump

Rec Hut -Camp Eureka 1978

Kalang Sally 1984

SallynGaya 1986

Rain 1983

Keith Painter 1984

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