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Mother and Child 90x90      $650

Some of these paintings are still available!

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Liz Challis

Journey into the 5th dimension 80cm x 100cm (SOLD)

A New Dawn 40cm Sq $180

Violet Moon 40cm Sq $180

Skyships 40x40 $180

Bird of Paradise 40cm Sq $180

Mystic Journy 40cm Sq $180

Impressions 40cm Sq $180

Flame within 20cm x 30cm $150

Joy 40cm Sq $180

Mystical Worlds 30x30 $150

Growth 30x30 $150

Ecstasy 30cmx30cm $150

5th Dimension 30x30 $150

Freedom 25x20 $120

Portals 120cmx60cm $450

Portrait of a Lady 60cm x 120cm $600

Grandfather Turner NFS

Untitled 40x40 $180

Samuel Challis NFS

Sunflower 90x90 $650

Togetherness 60cm x 120cm $650

Tango 76x48 $350

Confrontation 48x72 $350


Plaeidia SOLD

Seascape 76x48 $350