Liz and Leigh
Leigh and Liz 2005

          Leigh Morgan   - artist profile

Leigh Morgan was born 1944 at Greville Street Prahran in Melbourne. His Mother Ruth came to Australia as a refugee from Hitler's Germany's before the war and married Frank Morgan at 19 years. His father was an accomplished artist and recognized member of the George Bell school. As a young boy Leigh accompanied his parents on trips or visits with Joy Hester and Albert Tucker, then a mate of Frank snr. whose circle included Ambrose (Amby) Dyson, Noel Counihan and Vic O'Conner, the latter three becoming Leigh's first art teachers. Leigh remembers Amby for his humor and enthusiasm and of being encouraged in his efforts by both Counihan and O'Conner.
Along with art Leigh studied classical Guitar and engineering. He trained as a draughtsman and worked in that profession as a designer or project engineer before setting up and managing a successful building company.

In 1980 he sold up everything and moved with his family to Thora just inland from the North Coast town of Bellingen (see www.bellingen.com)   There, inspired by his surroundings and the opportunity of early semi-retirement from his city profits he turned back to art. Landscapes, abstract design and portraiture came naturally to Leigh who was able to draw on his 15 years draughting experience and the excellent training he had from his art teachers. He was in good company with many other artists living and working in the Bellingen area picking up valuable life drawing experience with local artists Shelly Kelly, Chris Hundt and Alan Boucher. Leigh was successful from the outset both in art competitions and in selling his paintings.
Within a few years Leigh realized that working in two dimensions did not satisfy his sense of form nor express his passion for the tactile. So canvass was largely replaced in his creative urge by timber, and studying the masters was replaced by summer schools with sculptors Steffan Bruigisser and Bert Fugleman.
Another significant eveent in Leigh's life was meeting the supurb creator and artist Garry Greenwood with whom he felt he was with "fellow spirit ". Garry died 2 years ago ~ I have added a gallery of some of his works so others can see his work. Keep in mind that the only wto material are leather and glue, and his tools a knife and sharpening stone. Garry Greenwood works

Leigh sold his Thora property and now lives and works nearer the mouth of the beautiful Bellinger river with his partner Liz Challis who is also an artist (and an antique dealer). His talented children, Lisa, Michael and Charlie are now all living away from home.
Leigh runs an art gallery next to his workshop (96 Old Pacific Highway Raleigh 2454 NSW) in addition to sculpting his Cedar (or Rosewood) sculptures.

His daughter Lisa is following her grandfather's and father's footsteps, and is already a fine artist and sculptor. Lisa has completed her fin arts degree and a teaching degrees. She is currently taking a Master's degree in libarianship now that her teaching commitment (English as a foreign language in Bankok) is completed. Lisa's sculpture and paintings,
Michael, Leigh's eldest (and 6' 4" tall) son Michael is now enjoying indenpenance at the Page College -Armidale University doing Science/Teaching degrees. Michael keeps up his clarinet playing both Jazz, Misic of the Bulkans and Gypsy swing. Michael also haa considerable artistic talent - Michael year won the major prize in the youth week art competition a couple of years ago.   Michael's page 
Charlie, everyone's favourite, now lives with his "mom" and doing his HSC in Tamworth and is enjoying it - playing Aussie rules, basketball and golf (handicap coming down) Word has it that Charlie has a girlfriend.

    Leigh Morgan's sculptures and paintings are represented in collections in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, England, USA, Japan and Russia.